Why do my feet hurt with high heels on?

Happy Feet for life is something everyone wants. When you are young you don’t think too much about the shoes you are wearing but as you get older you realize taking care of your feet is very important for your health. Have you ever thought to yourself why do my feet hurt so bad. Are you on them too much, have bad shoes, or other issues.

During the winter months people don’t tend to worry as much about their feet as they do when spring and summer are upon us. At this time of year our feet are exposed and then we take better care of them.

The things we do on our feet to stress them out and cause problems are amazing and no wonder they hurt at times. What is known as pounding the pavement (walking) or jogging that puts three to four times our body weight on them. Without even thinking about it we might wear tight or poorly fitting shoes or even dangerous heels. With all the different ways we put stress and strain on our feet it is a wonder they don’t launch a rebellion.

Taking care of your feet

need to remember for healthy feet we have to take care of them year round. You could try swimming or biking to relieve the pressure of exercising on your feet. Also, by doing foot exercises each day can help to keep your feet in tip-top shape.

Your feet are your base support for the whole body. The human foot is amazing in itself with thirty-three joints and twenty-six bones, as well as a maze of ligaments, tendons and muscles.

When we are born we have a certain amount of fat on the bottom of our feet especially in the areas of our heels and the balls of our feet. As we age our feet will lose fat in the feet and could make you more prone to foot pain and that could be the reason for not having the healthy feet you desire. The loss of the fat pad may make you more susceptible to bruised bones, stress fractures and balance problems as we get older.

Someday the medical community may be able to transfer fat from other areas of the body to the bottom of the feet. But it’s not available yet. So as of today the best thing to do is use extra cushioning by way of silicone or gel insoles. Or you can use gel pads for just certain areas of the foot.

Some studies have shown that after the age of forty-five approximately 1 in 4 adults will experience foot pain and about two-thirds of them it will turn out to be disabling. Even worse, foot pain in older adults is associated with a 62 percent increased risk of recurrent falls. As we get older, our muscles and tendons lose elasticity, which can contribute to foot pain,

Having poor blood flow to the feet is another problem and can worsen foot pain. There are several reasons that the decline in blood flow could be happening including if you smoke, have diabetes, blood clots, or peripheral nephropathy. It is very important to let your doctor know if you are experiencing any numbness or tingling in your feet as well as any chronic diseases you might have for example vascular disorders, arthritis, or diabetes. Catching it early is paramount to keeping the healthy feet you have in the best possible condition.

With age also comes other foot problems

Bunions, fungal infections, corns, calluses, and hammertoes are some of these. There are others that you need to watch for and be sure to see your doctor if you start with symptoms. It is Foot painimportant to be proactive to insure you will not have to ask yourself why do my feet hurt.

Did you know as you get older your feet get larger. And like the rest of your body you feet sag as well as you age.

It’s important to make it a priority for healthy feet to be taken care of, especially as you get older because a healthy foot is very important to your mobility and living a healthy lifestyle. A reflexology foot massager sandal could be just the answer for you.

When looking for new shoes select footwear that is comfortable and don’t become a fashion slave.

This company has been providing health and comfort clogs. As well as shoes and sandals for 39 years. Happy Feet is still helping people make their feet happy. We are the sole U.S.

distributor of the Kenkoh Health Sandals. We were the first company to bring Birkenstock footwear to the Internet as a retailer. Today we continue to provide the complete line of footwear from Kekoh, and Birkenstock, also, Vionic, as well as Aetrex, and Dansko and many more.

With Free US Shipping, Free Exchanges, and now shipping to Canada.

We found a health food store for healthy feet. This hand-picked selection of sandals, shoes and clogs offer so much. Outstanding quality due to craftsmanship far beyond other brands. They also, offer relief for your back. your hips, knees and also feet will thank you. Our shoes are eco-friendly.

Kenkoh our pinnacle brand, is the original reflexology foot massage sandal. It offers

unique relaxation, with increased circulation while healing and relieving foot pain. Make your feet say ahhhhh again!

Happy Feet Plus believes that style and sustainability can co-exist.

We use Eco-conscious manufacturers and use our certified green building to help with the environment. Happy Feet Plus carries shoes that have a reputation for environmental awareness. One of our goals is to be environmentally friendly whenever possible.

To varying degrees, all of our manufacturers
featured on our website support the concept of being eco-friendly:

  • Birkenstock, and Dansko, also, Finn Comfort, and Mephisto, Taos, and Aetrex use cork, a renewable resource, used in footbeds.
  • Birkenstock, and Naot use 100% chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)-free processes.
  • First of all Birkenstock, and Finn Comfort, also, Mephisto use resoleable products.
  • Solvent-free adhesives are used by Birkenstock, and Naot
  • Birkenstock, and Ecco, also, Dansko, Brooks, and Taos use recycled/recyclable packaging.
  • Birkenstock, Finn Comfort, and Ecco, also Naot utilize hand-stitching to reduce mechanical processes and better ensure product quality.
  • Ecco, and Birkenstock employ solar thermal technology and/or solar power.
  • Dansko, Finn Comfort, also, Mephisto, Ecco, and Naot use vegetable tanning processes.
  • Mephisto, Ecco, and Dansko develop business strategies based upon environmental stewardship.

So why do my feet hurt so bad, maybe it is just your shoes. It could be as simple as getting a new pair to give you the healthy feet you deserve. Take a look at some shoes for healthy feet. We even have reflexology foot massager sandals that make your feet feel great as you wear them.

These are some most amazing shoes you will ever find. Take a look:

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