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Why diffuse essential oils? That is an excellent question and one that is easy to answer. Essential Oil Diffusers are also, known as Aromatherapy Diffusers. The process of dispersing essential oils is known as Essential Oil Diffusion where the aroma of the oils fill a room or area with the natural fragrance. There are several benefits to using a diffuser. They work by dispersing essential oils into the air to be inhaled and absorbed by the body. When, distributed via diffuser most essential oils emit a pleasant scent. They also, kill bacteria and fungus and purify the air which is an added benefit.




Essential oils are one of nature’s many gifts to us. And what a treasure they are. With health benefits that begin with a healthy immune system and extend all the way out to mood elevation, how could we possibly say no to an essential oil diffuser?

It might be easy to recognize the wonder of antioxidants or the power behind staying active, but what about the glory that’s emitted from a steady stream of diffused oil?

As we consider going organic and contemplate the repercussions of sugar and processed foods, let’s step onto a pathway that also includes the wafting scents of lavender, vanilla, and peppermint.

These last two varieties can deliver a consistent mist of essential oils to a space that can leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, confident, energized, creative, and motivated, among others, depending on the type of oil you choose!


Be sure to read the usage for each oil before you use them. Do not overuse diffusers. It is recommended to use no more than one hour. Some recommend turning it on for three 30 minute intervals throughout the day.

There are 4 basic types of oil diffusers

Using an essential oil diffuser allows you to access all the benefits of essential oils, unlike heating oils in candle or wax warmers. In fact, applying heat to essential oils can actually denature many of the most important chemicals and compounds, so you are essentially just diffusing essential oils for scent, and not for the more beneficial aspects. For this reason, you should always use a diffuser that doesn’t rely on heat to push out the scent. Heat diffusers often rely on heat and are not as effective as fan difusers, nebulizing, evaporative, or ultrasonic difusers.

Each of these difusers uses a different process to disperse the essential oils into the air and come with their own unique benefits, and in some cases, limitations.

  • Ultrasonic (Ultrasonic Vibration)
  • Heat (Heat)
  • Evaporative (Wind/Fan)
  • Nebulizer (Force/Atomization)


Ultrasonic diffusers dispense healing essential oils into the air as negative ions. This type of diffuser is fairly quiet so it would be perfect for the bedroom while sleeping or just relaxing and also while working on your computer. Vibrations used to break down the essential oils into micro particles, allows the oil to be dispersed into the air with steam as a mist. No heat is used with this type of diffuser.



Yes, an Ultrasonic difuser uses water as part of the dispersal processes, it can add moisture to the room to help with the humidity level. Adding water to the diffuser can dilute the oils potency, but many people do not like over whelming smells and by doing this it will also make your oils last longer.



A heat diffuser heats the essential oils until they evaporate into the air. Thicker oils, like Sandalwood, can be well-dispersed into a room when using a heat diffuser. Heat diffusers come in many types, including candle heat, lamp rings, and electric heat diffusers. All models of heat diffusers use a tray where the oil is held next to the heat source so that it will heat and evaporate. The Heat diffusers can limit the health benefits of the oil because heat can change the chemical levels of the oil.



A fan to generate a wind vs. heat, to cause the oil to evaporate into the air with a evaporative diffuser. The oil in an evaporative diffuser is held in an absorbent material – usually a wick or a pad material. The wind will cause the oil to evaporate into the air in a controlled fashion.



Nebulizers release the purest form of essential oils. Therefore, using the nebulizer diffuser for aromatherapy is thought to be the best diffusing method to use. This is because of the concentration that a nebulizer produces by breaking down the oils into atoms by force, much like a perfume bottle.

Nebulizer diffusers require no heat or water. They deliver a concentrated pure stream of essential oil dispersion. Placing the diffuser on a timer will make the oil last longer and keep it from running out quickly. This concentration and purity makes nebulizers a great option for aromatherapy.

These last two varieties can deliver a consistent mist of essential oils to a space that can leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, confident, energized, creative, and motivated, among others, depending on the type of oil you choose!



Promotes Good Sleep

Improves Respiratory Health

Eliminates Odor

Elevates Mood

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Repels Insect

Increases Energy

Boosts Immune System

Controls Appetite

Creates a Healthy Environment

Boosts Memory & Concentration

Pain Relief


Essential oils that can be used in a diffuser for various benefits and greater effects! These include the use of the following:

  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Frankincense essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Wild Orange essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Ginger essential oil
  • Citronella essential oil
  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil

Healthy Environment

Cleaning the air in your environment can be as easy as running an essential oil diffuser. Diffusing in a central area of your home can work hard to combat airborne bacteria. Tea Tree, Lemon, and cinnamon are the perfect oils for doing this.

Odor Redemption

Orange grapefruit, and lemongrass are wonderful oils to used to get rid of unwanted odors.

Better Than Candles

Many scented candles contain toxic chemicals, such as toluene and benzene. So instead of candles and their toxins use your diffuser with health advantages.

A Good Night’s Sleep

The release of serotonin and dopamine promotes uninterrupted sleep.

Essential oils promote neurotransmitter activity. The best oils for this is lavender, bergamot, frankincense.

Drop a little eucalyptus or tea tree oil in there and sleep comfortably without snoring.

A Wakeful Morning

If your problem is waking in the morning try using a couple drops of vanilla, peppermint, or a citrus oil to your morning coffee. They will provide a boost to your mood and energy.

Pain Relief

Are you dealing with a nagging tension headache, or body aches and pains? Using essential oils in a roll-on is very convenient way to ease the pain. Eucalyptus, chamomile and rosemary are a couple of the best to use for pain. Consider keeping a roll-on bottle with you just for this. Instead of popping a pill or two, you can the roll-on without any side effects and the results will be fast.

Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system is one of the most important benefits. An essential oil diffuser can help keep you safe during cold and flu season. If you’ve got a couple kiddos who are temporarily down-and-out, be sure to keep that diffuser running with some following oils: Tea Tree, Oregano, Peppermint, grapefruit, and lemon. Flu prevention is linked to Oregano oil. Lemon helps reduce the severity of certain viruses and peppermint for a cough and cold remedy. It wouldn’t hurt to diffuse these oils even when no one is ill.

Anxiety Antidote

Lavender, frankincense, and chamomile will help with restlessness, and anxiety.

Weight Management

Much like the consumption of tea, this must be paired with a healthy lifestyle. However, if you’re setting yourself up for a happy and healthy year, you might want to drop a bit of patchouli oil, orange, or ylang-ylang into your essential oil diffuser. These oils can target our lymphatic system – the emotional side of our brain – and switch off our desire to eat after that anxiety-ridden day you just had.

The cost for a diffuser can vary anywhere from fifteen to hundreds of dollars depending on what you are looking for.  As with most products you can get the basic or you can get models with options.  The choice is up to you. 

So why diffuse essential oils you ask?  I hope we have given you the information you need to decide if diffusing oils is something you think may help improve your life and health.

Take a look at the different diffusers (here)!

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  1. I use an ultrasonic diffuser in my bedroom to help my sinuses open up so I can sleep better. I also have one in my living room because I like to set whatever mood I’m feeling or want to feel that day. But I never thought that you could use one to help with weight management. This makes a lot of sense. I’m going to try this. Thank you for this post 🙂

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