My Camera Review for the Canon T7 DSLR 

I hope my camera review for the Canon T7 will help you learn.  With so many dslr cameras on the market you really need to know what to look for and what things are important to have on a dslr camera. Buying a DSLR Camera can be over whelming but you just need to break it down.



Some things you will want to look for!

Several things to take into consideration when looking for a dslr camera are the image sensor, lenses, manual controls and view finder. If you, are a beginner this is a good place to start. This camera is easy to use and has plenty of learning features.

Image Sensors

Image Sensors – The part of the camera that captures the light from the object you are photographing is known as the image sensor. Micro Four Thirds and APS-C are the two main sensor sizes. The Micro Four Thirds sensor is smaller and lighter for portability but may not give you the picture quality you are looking for. The APS-C sensor is larger and will add bulk, but it will give you the option of low-light shooting and greater image quality. Megapixels is also very important for picture quality. If you, want to print larger size pictures it is important to have a larger number of megapixels. For an 8 x 10 inch print you would want a minimum resolution of at least 7.2 megapixels.


Many Lenses are available. – This camera can use many of the interchangeable lenses. Make sure the lens you are looking at is compatible with your model of camera. Their are lenses for distance, wide angle, close, fish eye, high power lenses and more. The lens you use can make a big difference in the way your shot looks.



Manual Controls

What are manual controls? – Manual controls are your ability to change settings on your camera as you see fit. You can fine tune your cameras exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and more to be able to get your perfect shot.


View Finder


View Finders are important. – The View finder is used to show you what your picture will include. Many of today’s cameras have electronic view finders which is an LCD screen that shows you exactly what is in the shot. They may also have an optical view finder which can help focus the shot. Some cameras will come with OLED screens, which are thinner and brighter outdoors.



Canon EOS Rebel T7 Digital SLR Camera

Features of the EOS Rebel T7

  1. 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) Sensor with ISO 100-6400 (H: 12800) – High resolution megapixel with APS-C sensor gives you beautiful vibrant colors with fine detail even in low light situations. With the 24.1 megapixels you will be able to print your photos in large sizes without losing quality.
  2. DIGIC 4+ Image Processor – with this processor your response speed is fast and can take a natural looking picture.
  3. Optical Viewfinder – the viewfinder on the Rebel T7 lets you quickly capture a photo in any situation. Easy to see what the lens see even in bright sunlight. Using the viewfinder can help hold the camera steady for a sharp clear photo.
  4. 3.0-inch LCD – the Rebel T7 has a large, bright LCD monitor which make for amazing images and easy to show to family and friends. It makes it easy to view the cameras settings and for live view of what you are taking a video.
  5. Wi-Fi Capability – the EOS Rebel T7 has built in Wi-Fi connectivity that will make wireless functions easy. You can connect to your smartphone, tablets and even Wi-Fi equipped printers. So you are able to share your pictures and videos on social media sites and with family and friends with ease.
  6. Near Field Communication – will help provide a seamless connection to Android devices and the Canon Connect Station CS100 device. This make it easy to view, organize, and store all of your photos and videos from one device.
  7. 9-point AF System and AI Servo AF – your EOS Rebel T7 features fast and accurate auto focus which make sure you don’t miss that shot.
  8. Scene Intelligent Auto Mode – This setting will allow you to focus on composing the image instead of worrying over the settings to make it a perfect shot. Scene Intelligent helps analyze the images taking into account the colors, moving objects, brightness, and faces. It also, chooses the enhancements and exposure to make your photo become an excellent shot in any situation or scene. So make taking your photos simple with the use of Scene Intelligent Auto Mode.
  9. Full HD 30p – You will get easy to use video capture with full HD quality with several recording sizes and frame rates, including 30p for a natural look. You can also enable manual controls for focus, exposure, Live view features and in camera editing.
  10. T7 remote shooting and wireless printing you will be able to remotely control your camera from you smart devices. So take those self-portraits and group shots with ease. You can also use the continuous shooting mode, and the AF button. Connect to your device using the Camera Connect App and capture fantastic photos using remote shooting. (This is one of my favorite features)
  11. Continuous Shooting – This is a T7 feature that allows you to take three frames per second. So when you want to capture action shots on the baseball or soccer field while trying to get that great expression this is what you will want to use. So get those memories to share forever.
  12. Auto White Balance with “White Priority”- This is a feature that will help you with the different light sources that can affect the colors you will see in a photo. You have two different setting “ambiance priority” which keeps the warm color tones to keep the mood of the shot or “white priority” which ensures white lighting is neutral in color. You get to choose between them to make sure your shot is what you are looking for even with different lighting conditions.
  13. Creative Options – These options will make it easy to create the image effects you want by changing ambiance or scene type. Creative Auto sets your basic settings in auto mode, while providing shooting guides on the LCD screen and explains how to change the settings and what it will do to the final image. With creative auto mode you can take amazing images while learning and experimenting more with photography.
  14. Creative Filters – EOS Rebel T7 comes with five different creative filters for still shots. Each of the filters changes the feel and mood of the scene allowing you to be creative with your photos. Included are Soft Focus, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Fish-eye Effect, and Grainy B/W. Have fun with these.
  15. On-board Feature Guide – No looking around for your instruction manual with this camera. The on board guide will give you a simple description on how each of the shooting modes, for playback and more for easy access. It appears when a function is selected. It can be disabled through the camera’s menu for those that are more advanced.
  16. Compatible with All Canon EF and EF-S Lenses – Lenses are very important when purchasing your camera and knowing that the EOS Rebel T7 is compatible with so many lenses makes it easy to choose. The lenses range from ultra-wide angle to super telephoto there are many lenses that feature Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology to minimize the effect of camera shake.


With all of these features you are sure to take beautiful shots of memories you will treasure forever.

What is in The Box:

LP-E10 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

LC-E10 Battery Charger for EOS Rebel T3, T5, T6

Eyecup EF

RF-3 Body Cap for Canon EOS Cameras

EW-400D Neck Strap

Battery Cover

Limited 1-Year Warranty

My Pricing Finds for the EOS T7!


EOS T7 bundles (Check the contents they vary)

Amazon pricing at $449.00 with free shipping.

Walmart pricing @ $449.00 with two day shipping

Adorama pricing @ $449.00

There are several bundles available so you will need to look carefully. Prices ranging from a low of $449.00 to a high range of $550.00.





My opinion!

I like this camera for several reasons but most of all it is a great beginner camera. With easy to use features and other features that can be a learning experience for anyone interested in photography. You can add several lenses to capture many shots. Take your shots automatically or tweak them with your manual controls. It will all be up to you. With the memory cards we use today you don’t have to worry about ruining film like we used to it is an amazing time to be interested in taking pictures. Some things make life easier and the new cameras do just that.

Some things I like best about this camera are the different automatic settings for a quick setup so you don’t miss the shot. The remote shooting option lets everyone get into the photo. I was usually taking the photos therefore not in them, well not anymore

There is a whole world out there to capture!

I hope you enjoyed my camera review for the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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