What is a Guardian Angel and how to know who your Guardian Angel is?

Angels are pure spirits and beings of light and are solely intuitive . Angels don’t have actual bodies and are gender less. Guardian angels do not make judgments. They do have the power to think and choose. Angels will the good in us which is love’s definition. Because of this each angel has their own and very different personality.

A guardian angel is one that is assigned to guide and protect. They can be assigned to a group, country, or an individual. Guardian Angels are real and their is one protecting, guiding, loving, and guarding each one of us. Belief in guardian angels can be traced back to ancient times. Have you seen pennies, or coins angels may be near.

So you might ask yourself what do I have to do to find my guardian angel?

Everyone receives signs, it is up to you to take the time and effort to notice the signs they are sending you. If you are distracted or busy you just might be missing them. Guardian Angels can communicate in many ways, but you have to pay attention it is that simple.

By working on being aware of things around you it will help you become more in tuned with your angels and the signs you receive from them. Be sure to thank your guardian angel every day.

Signs your guardian angel may be near or you may begin to connect with them:

A slight breeze brushing past you, goosebumps, tingling or a sense of love and support.

Fragrances or scents

Flashes of light or rainbows

White feathers are the calling card of the angels

Angel shapes in clouds or flowers

Coins in your path

Recurring numbers

Overwhelming feelings of love and peace

These are some many signs that angels use to show you their presence. Angels send signs when you ask for their help, or for validation.

So to find your guardian angel you need to open your mind and receive the signs they send your way. Be sure to thank your angels for their guidance. By learning how to notice the presence of angelic guidance you can be certain you have angels with you. You may even be able to hear your guardian angel whisper or they may give you signs.

Once I find my guardian angel how do I pray to them?

Find a time when you won’t be disturbed. This can be indoor or out it doesn’t matter in a place where you feel calm and comfortable. Sit in a comfortable chair or on the ground anywhere you will feel relaxed. Be focused and grounded.

Remove your shoes Sit in a comfortable chair or on the ground anywhere you will feel relaxed. You can stand if that is how you feel most comfortable. Take off anything that feel restrictive.(jewelry, watches, clothing etc.)

To relax close your eyes, calm yourself and concentrate on your breathing. In and out from the belly if you can. In and Out slow and calming until you feel completely at peace. There is no time limit so take as long as you need to be at full peace.

Once you are totally relaxed meditate and ask what you want to know or want help with. This can be out loud or to yourself it doesn’t matter. You can ask for help with something specific, or what is my guardian angels name? or if you just want to know if you are on your life’s path?

Pause and listen with a clear mind. The answers will come to you. You will feel and sense the answer you are seeking.

Always thank your angels .

And watch the light fade.

These are the steps to take to find out how to know who your guardian angel is! Good Luck in your search.

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2 Replies to “How to know who your Guardian Angel is!”

  1. Greetings Gale, Thank you for a thoughtful Post on Guardian Angels!
    This is the first one I have read on them in a long time and I enjoyed it!
    I had forgotten to search for mine the last few years or to even wonder if I had one? I knew this about pennies and white feathers, so understood the white feather in Forrest Gump!
    I will return to read more Posts like this! Janice 🤗🌷

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